Offering photography to capture all the simply wonderful feelings, all the gorgeous details, and all the familiar faces in your life. I am here to show you that you can be picture perfect, just the way you are.

My style is a comfortable blend of Modern and Rustic portraiture, Classic workflow,
and a touch of bold sophistication.  

Based in Asheville, NC and Available for travel.




01. philosophy

I believe a photograph is powerful and valuable. My goal for our time together is to capture a story of authentic (and gorgeous) images, by creating a comfortable and fun environment. 

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Photo by rachael Mcintosh

I believe a photograph is valuable and powerful. I treat each frame with love and respect. These are the moments of your life. These memories deserve to be nurtured, protected, and captured in beautiful honesty.  You deserve to remember these feelings. You are alive, and you are loved. 

My ideal clients are willing to immerse themselves, physically and emotionally, in their experiences. They recognize that, wherever they are in life, this is a special time. 


Let's go on a life adventure together

Is my style speaking to you? I would love to connect and talk more. What do you love to do? What gets you excited? Where are you most yourselves? Let's plan your session in a place where your heart sings (your home, a mountaintop, the donut shop...the sky is the limit!) and document this special time in your life.  



When it comes to me: I am always down for an adventure. I love snowstorms. I love summer skies. I buy local. I dream. I snowboard. I was once a world class whitewater raft guide. I appreciate classic beauty, clean lines, and dynamic light. My style thrives on genuine emotion. I aim to create images that will last your lifetime and beyond. 

MEET BREN, Your Photographer





The Rosemary in my logo is very intentional, and clearly reminds me of all the reasons I love what I do. 

Rosemary is strong. And comfortable. And lovely. 

NOUN. an evergreen aromatic shrub of the mint family, native to southern Europe. The narrow leaves are used as a culinary herb, in perfumery, and as an emblem of remembrance.

My grandfather was a photographer and he captured  photographs of the everyday. I have  amazing portraits of my mama, with her six other brothers and sisters, immersed in  her childhood. I am so grateful to have the ability to visually piece together the history of my family in their everyday moments: rolling in the grass, riding bikes, swimming in their pool. The images are classic. And their value is beyond compare.

When I hold a session with you, I want to capture the way your face softens when he kisses your cheek, the "classic sister" expressions, the way you melt into each other: the details of your life together. I adore giving this gift to others. You deserve to remember how feels. Time moves so quickly - I would be honored to provide you with the ability to go back. 

Photo by Ed Kerkhoff

The Connection


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Photography is an investment that will grow more valuable with time. Lifestyle Collections includes an authentic (and downright enjoyable) experience, professionally edited images, an online gallery website for digital download, a print credit, & an app for easy sharing. Professional albums and prints also available.

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My services, your story.

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Wedding Day Photography
Starting $3500

Wedding Days are amazing because they are full of raw emotion. And I just love that. Let's talk more about what is important when  documenting your wedding day!


COMPLETE Lifestyle Session

Do you want that epic mountain backdrop, time at the Biltmore Estate, or another family adventure together? This session is for you. Lets go play in the woods, on a beach, on top of a mountain, in your home, at the river, or some other amazing spot. These sessions provide a collection of both posed and lifestyle images for you to cherish for years to come.   


This session is great for those in need of a small handful of updated images. These sessions are generally best for things like holiday cards, quick updates, or special projects. Location options, although still gorgeous, may be limited for these sessions.  




"The photos were great, the experience of being together on the photo shoot was fun for us as a family, and the end-product exceeded our expectations."

                     - The Akin Family

client reviews

"The whole experience has been such a pleasure!"


"In all honesty I had several candidates to consider but her work stands out. She is also an incredibly kind, personable, easy person to work with. We paid for our wedding ourselves, planned it all ourselves, DIY/chaos style and we were looking for someone who would capture the beauty of our day, the little details, the candid smiles of our loved ones and our love for one another in a very authentic (non-posed) way. She managed to achieve all of those shots and more. We were truly blown away by the story that she told on the most important day of our lives. If you are looking for someone who will put love, thought and consideration into your photos - Bren is your lady!"
                                                                           - Brandon & Jessica  

client reviews

"Bren did the most amazing job"


"Bren did a fabulous job with our wedding photos and every session leading up to it! So happy to be able to relive our wedding day through her talented and artistic eye. So very blessed to have her!"                                                                                                                             -Sam & Andrew

client reviews



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