Bren Photography is a photography service developing lifestyle brand photography and lifestyle portraits for business and individuals. 

With 14 years of experience in the photography industry, my skills include capturing authentic images, planning adventures, thinking big, making crucial decisions, and exposing true value in my subject. Pairing my strong background in portrait photography and outdoor adventure, with the ability to find and capture the beauty in all things, I create dynamic brand images that will help your imagery stand out from the rest.  

the backstory


the FACE



I’m not going to tell you how much I love my coffee or how magical I find snowstorms. Of course I love my coffee. And snowstorms are absolute magic. But that’s not what makes me good at what I do: The key is my intuition and ability to read people; providing emotion a visual platform.  

What inspires me?
I am inspired by authenticity, conservation, creativity, and travel. If you love what you do, then let's talk. 

Who do I work with?
I work with individuals, small business, and larger companies. My clients are passionate about growth and their impact in our society. 

Special skills 
Beyond my visual skills as a photographer, I also have experience as a world class whitewater raft guide and an avid snowboarder. I am certified in swift water rescue, First Aid/CPR,  and have hung from a harness off the side of a cliff to get just the right angle for a photograph.  I am also a Mama, which makes me especially prepared for working with children and babes.